For our customer Augenzentrum Maus we realized the Shop fittings for the store in Cologne

Curved walls with light

Size:74 m²
Build: Shop fittings
Conception:Julia Hipp / Hell und Freundlich
Realization:Form Art GmbH
Augenzentrum Maus

Our Shopfitting customer

Augenzentrum Maus

The ophthalmologist Matthias Maus has specialized in the laser treatment of eyes and has acquired an international reputation as a LASIK and eye laser specialist.

More information about our customer Augenzentrum Maus can be found on his official website:

The Customer request

Requirements for the Shop fittings

The practice should be modern and stylish, but also clean.

The Form Art solution

The finished Shop fittings

During the implementation of the project, much was played with indirect lighting. This further intensified the high-gloss effect and the light is even reflected in the floor. A special challenge was the implementation of the curved wall and the counter. Finally, doors were to be integrated into both the wall and the counter. In addition, the shape of the upholstered bench seat fits very well into the design. The reception area has thus become a real eye-catcher.

Our Shopfitting services

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