Form Art shopfitting

We help sell

We create an ambience that draws the attention of your customers to your products. From conception to completion, we take over and delegate all trades related to the project for you. We are your general contractor, who organises all aspects of shopfitting. Whether heating, air conditioning, electrical or outdoor advertising. We have been working closely with our reliable partners for many years. The time schedule and your budget are never lost sight of. Thanks to our CNC woodworking center, we are also able to produce curved shapes, logos, contours, inlays, etc. cost-effectively and with a high degree of precision. We can realize high quality lacquering ourselves and also offer digital prints and foil plots at short notice and at a reasonable price.

Take advantage of the possibilities we offer you: Professional employees with experience in the processing of all materials from metal, wood, glass and plastics to the effective lighting of products and decoration, e.g. in shop windows. We know no boundaries.